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Advice About Moving Into Care

Some things in life don’t happen very often. Moving home, getting married, retiring…they’re all life-changing events which can be a real challenge.

Moving into care is one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ events. Quite simply, the more informed you are, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes to making decisions and dealing with some of the sometimes complex issues involved.

We understand the emotional roller-coaster that many people go through. We understand the financial and legal practicalities, too. And we understand just how important it is to get clear information you can trust.

The help we can give you includes:

  • Advice for carers and family members

  • Advice for older people looking for a care or nursing home for themselves

  • Advice on the different options when it comes to paying for care


Whether you are considering a move into care for yourself or for a loved one, talk to Stella Matutina care home staff about any issues or questions you may have – no matter how difficult they may seem – as part of your move towards a better life.

Care Enquiries

Enquiries are welcome at any time. You can make enquiries by telephone, using the email link, web form, or the ‘chat to us’ function on the website. Please contact us to arrange a tour by appointment or to book a room. Alternatively, call in to see us in person!


On admission a full care and social assessment of the resident is completed so as to formulate a care plan in conjunction with the resident and their representative. The first four weeks is on a trial basis so we can mutually decide if our home can meet the requirements and to see if this is the right home for the resident.

A residents guide/Statement of purpose is available on request.


Contacting the Care Team

Care Team Manager
Stella Matutina Care Home
16 Clifton Drive
Lytham St. Annes

Manager/admin: 01253 734834 – Office hours 
Care Office: 01253 739483 – 24 hrs 

Sisters of Charity of Jesus &  Mary

Registered Charity No. 251262.


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