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We fully appreciate there is nothing more important that communication.


Covid-19 has shown us not to take for granted the ability to visit, cuddle and hold the hand of our loved ones who are not directly living in our household.

Our residents have been incredibly adaptable over these troubled times and have supported each other when faced with such adversity, as well as learn and embrace new ways of communicating with the outside world......


We have gone arts and crafts crazy so far this year. Our residents harbour some incredible talents.......

The pictures below showcase some of the amazing items produced; from teddy bears to Easter gifts, children in need day to card making. 

Our resident gardeners have also been out, sprucing up the entrance to their home.


chicks made.jpg
easter basket.jpg
teddy bears.jpg


We are in love with this magnificent blanket made from knitted squares, carefully produced by our residents.

Absolutely exquisite!



knitted squares into a blanket.jpg


VE Day 2020 on Friday 8th May celebrating the 75th anniversary of this monumental day.

Residents were unable to be joined by family, friends and the local community but this did not dampen the mood, a party was still on order and the residents celebrated in style…



resident 1.jpg
resident 4 man.jpg
resident 5.jpg
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